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Use Kaiser Buns To Make Hot Or Cold Meat And Cheese Sandwiches

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Thinly sliced onions, unbleached flour, water, oil, sugar, and salt are the staple ingredients used to make French onion Kaiser buns. These baked bread items can be used to create roast beef and cheddar sandwiches or chipped beef, swiss, and mushroom sandwiches.

Purchase French Onion Kaiser Buns

If you are picky about the buns or bread products that you purchase from grocery stores, due to the short shelf life, then Kaiser buns may be your answer. If you want to avoid the possibility of buying something that is pre-wrapped and that possesses a texture that you are not fond of, check out the Kaiser bun displays inside of a bakery. 

Request buns that possess a soft and chewy texture or buns that are flaky and layered with onion slices and a variety of seeds. Kaiser buns taste good when they are served at room temperature or when they are heated inside of an oven or a toaster unit for a short amount of time.

Use Meat, Cheeses, And Toppings

Purchase roast beef that is thinly-sliced or a chipped beef product that has been cured. Chipped beef will contain a moderate amount of sodium. The beef is pressed and dried, prior to being sliced. If you are going to make some classic roast beef and cheese sandwiches, purchase a block of cheddar cheese.

Swiss cheese will pair well with beef and can be melted, prior to adding mushrooms to it. If a thin layer of each ingredient is going to be piled onto each half of a bun, slice the French onion kaiser buns in half and stack the ingredients on the bottom pieces.

Make Hot Or Cold Sandwiches

If you would like to heat up the ingredients, prior to or after assembling a sandwich, either line the ingredients and the buns up on a cookie sheet, or separate the ingredients from the buns and place them inside of an oven or a toaster unit. The kaiser buns can also be heated up separately, if you would like to soften the texture of each bun, but would like the other ingredients to be chilled.

Purchase a roll of butcher paper and a roll of tape. Wrap each sandwich that you will be bringing along with you on an outing or that you are reserving for a meal that will be enjoyed later in the day. Use a marker to label the butcher paper with the ingredients that are inside of each bun.